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Repair or Replace- The epic question

During extreme hot and cold temperatures the question of should I repair or replace my furnace or air conditioner always seems to come up.  Most would say “yeah, go ahead and repair it, we’ll think about replacing next season.”  Next year the same song and dance.   But, when is it the better idea to admit […]

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Bel-O had a unique opportunity this past weekend: to be a guest on KTRS 550 radio during the “Inside Out” show with John Shea and Jim McMillan.  Our own residential heating and cooling expert, Jerry Harrington, appeared on the show to field questions listeners had about all things air conditioning. You can listen to the […]

Just a little drip?

When it comes to a faucet leaking, there is no such thing as just a little drip.  Those “little” drips can add up quickly to a mess, one big water bill and possibly some corrosion where the water constantly drips.  With it being summer, you’re probably using your outside spigot to water your garden, wash […]

What’s the deal with dehumidifiers?

There has been a lot of talk around the office lately about the importance of dehumidifiers… but  what are they and what do they do?  Are they worth the money?  The answer is a big YES. They are worth every penny for both your comfort, health and sanity. Dehumidifiers are extremely useful devices, especially here […]

It’s Doggone Hot!

Summer officially starts on June 21st and you know what that means? You’ll have your air conditioner running non-stop to combat those sweltering temperatures we all know and love.  You may be able to stay cool inside, but what about your furry family members?     Dogs can’t sweat like humans can, which is why […]

Why won’t my air conditioner quit running?

It’s not quite summer but we are already dealing with summer temperatures.  This means you likely have your air conditioner running to beat the heat…but what if it isn’t shutting off?  If your unit isn’t taking breaks there is likely a problem deeper than “it’s hot outside.”  It could be something small that’s a quick […]

Fan ON, Fan OFF. The tale behind the elusive switch.

How often do you use the fan on your thermostat? Most people, myself included before I started working in the HVAC industry, don’t really know why this feature is separate on your unit. We’re going to cover some basics on its purpose and how it affects your families comfort. The purpose of the fan is […]