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10 FAQs!

Is there something about your HVAC system that is concerning you but you’re afraid to ask?  Fear no more…the BELOMAN is always here to help.  We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions when it comes to your A/C and furnace.  Check out the questions below to see which category your concern […]

5 Common Problems During Peak A/C Season

During the peak of the summer you’re A/C is having to work it’s hardest. Because your system is working so hard to keep up, many begin to show some failing points.  Unless your unit is 100% new, there are several cases you may experience an issue during peak A/C season.  Below is a list of […]

Planning Your Summer Vacation: HVAC Edition

Planning Your Summer Vacation: HVAC Edition

A lot goes into planning a summer vacation as you may know! Don’t let your HVAC be ignored while making your planning list.  Besides packing the swimsuit, sunscreen and planning your excursions there are several things you should check on your home before you go.  We’ve compiled a list of 5 HVAC tips to keep […]

Save Money While Away for Vacation!

Save Money While Away for Vacation!

Are you gearing up for an exciting summer getaway? Your summer getaway may have left a dent in the ol’ wallet, but did you know you have an amazing opportunity to save cash while you’re away simply by adjusting your thermostat?  Some believe turning their AC completely off while on vacations is the best option; […]

Importance of a Pre-Season Tune-Up

Importance of a Pre-Season Tune-Up

Spring is in full force with average temperatures beginning to rise…summer will be here before you know it! Did you know now is the perfect time to schedule your seasonal tune-up rather than later?  It’s true! If you’ve ever considered scheduling an AC tune-up…NOW is actually the perfect time to schedule it.  Although you may […]

Tips to Stay Cool and Save $$

Staying cool in the summer is crucial; however, many people make the mistake of not investing in the proper tips to keep their energy bill low.  At Bel-O Man we want to ensure that it is possible to keep your space cool AND save money.  Here’s a list of 10 tips that will quickly assist […]

Seal your home or spend more…your choice

Did your parents ever tell you to keep windows and doors shut because the outdoors didn’t need to be air conditioned/heated?  Now that you’re older you realize that what they were saying wasn’t just a silly little saying but very important.  Why would you want to spend money on heating the outdoors?  So, you keep […]

Repair or Replace- The epic question

During extreme hot and cold temperatures the question of should I repair or replace my furnace or air conditioner always seems to come up.  Most would say “yeah, go ahead and repair it, we’ll think about replacing next season.”  Next year the same song and dance.   But, when is it the better idea to admit […]

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Bel-O had a unique opportunity this past weekend: to be a guest on KTRS 550 radio during the “Inside Out” show with John Shea and Jim McMillan.  Our own residential heating and cooling expert, Jerry Harrington, appeared on the show to field questions listeners had about all things air conditioning. You can listen to the […]

Just a little drip?

When it comes to a faucet leaking, there is no such thing as just a little drip.  Those “little” drips can add up quickly to a mess, one big water bill and possibly some corrosion where the water constantly drips.  With it being summer, you’re probably using your outside spigot to water your garden, wash […]