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What does it mean to be a sales & service company in 2013?

When you hear a company ending with ‘sales & service,’ what is your initial reaction. Are you turned away by thinking that calling them will lead to high pressure conversations insisting that you buy today? The expression is rather old and makes me think of the the movie Tommy Boy. A family run company that […]

You can’t avoid change, sometimes.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Monday. With the holidays winding down and vacations ending, surely its time you can start getting back to your daily routines. This week we will be discussing the changes that the Department of Energy have passed into law. 2013 Federal Furnace Efficiency Law: What: This law makes it illegal to […]

Happy New Year! Let 2013 be better and more successful than the last.

In the spirit of New Years and resolutions, Bel-o has taken a keen interest in gaining feedback from our customers. We have been in business since 1959, in order to stick with the times some changes have been made. 2013 looks to be a year of exceptional service accompanied by great products. (I’m not going to give […]

Happy Holidays from all of us at Bel-O

Today’s joke: What do you call a reindeer with no eyes? Answer: ‘No-eye-deer.’   The holidays are a very stressful time. Presents to wrap, dinner to prepare, and a whole house to clean don’t leave much time for emergencies like drain back-ups or a broken furnace. While we have an on call emergency  staff for all those late night […]

What is ‘the fear of encountering snakes while crawling through the crawlspace under the house to get to the crawlspace furnace called:

Check out this weeks post on preventative furnace maintenance and the answer to the joke of the week!