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Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier…Which One Do I Need??

Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier…Which One Do I Need??

You’ve probably heard of humidifiers and dehumidifiers before but maybe weren’t so sure about which was which and how either could help improve the comfort of your living space. Both of these options work by taking into account the amount of humidity levels in your home and whether the level needs to increase or decrease.  […]

Alleviate Your Allergies With These 5 Quick HVAC Tips!

Are you experiencing that pesky summer cold? Have your allergies started to spike? Did you know that the air in your home can be 10x more polluted than outdoor pollutants?  To help your family begin breathing cleaner air, we’ve come up with a list of 5 quick tips to alleviate your allergies in YOUR home.  […]

Why Should I Invest in a Humidifier?

Humidifier: a device for keeping the atmosphere moist in a room. Keeping tabs on the humidity levels is important…especially in the colder months! Of course there is always the option to purchase portable room humidifiers, but we’re here to tell you that whole-home humidification is the way to go! There are tons and tons of […]

Want to Improve the Quality of Your Indoor Air, but Don’t Know How?! Read This!

Air Purifiers: many have heard of this piece of equipment, but few actually know how one works or why it is beneficial to make the investment.  Did you know that indoor air can be just as polluted or even more polluted than outdoor air?!  It’s true…but we’re here to help!  To better understand indoor air […]

Pros & Cons of Different Types of Filters

Although the act of replacing your filter is a simple ‘pull out the old and insert the new’ procedure, shopping for a filter can be overwhelming. When shopping for a filter you’ll notice there are numerous types available. While there are many types to shop through, the different styles can usually be categorized into three […]

Don’t let your air make you sick.

How would you like to have the air that’s circulating throughout your home be filtered with a powerful air cleaner so you’re breathing in less pollutants?  Think about the fact that each time you take a breath you’re inhaling things that can harm your health.  Now, read the fact below and answer my question in […]

You can’t avoid change, sometimes.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Monday. With the holidays winding down and vacations ending, surely its time you can start getting back to your daily routines. This week we will be discussing the changes that the Department of Energy have passed into law. 2013 Federal Furnace Efficiency Law: What: This law makes it illegal to […]