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Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

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Calling all of those with pets, allergies and asthma! This blog is for YOU! Spring is here along with those pesky allergens that are known to disrupt the comfort of your family. You may have Google’d remedies for relieving symptoms with little success.  We have the secret! AIR PURIFIERS! Investing in an air purifier for your family’s home will be an investment you’ll enjoy for a long time! This investment has several benefits that you can immediately start enjoying after choosing your best option with an Indoor Air Quality expert.

What is an air purifier?
Great question! An air purifier is a device used to remove contaminants from the air in your entire home. These devices are commonly a hot item for those with pets, allergies and asthma due to their ability to clean the air in your entire home!

What are the benefits?
This is another great question! Air purifiers have tons of benefits especially in the spring time. Outdoor air pollution is known to have serious impacts on your health, but did you know the air in your home can also be dangerously polluted?  The average person spends 90% of their day inside where pollution can be to be 2-5x higher than the outside.  This polluted air becomes trapped in your home and can be a serious issue.  With an air purifier you’ll be able to have more control over the quality of air your family members are breathing by removing up to 97% of indoor air pollutants.  You’ll also reduce asthma and allergy triggers, lower mold and mildew count, rid pet dander, and eliminate other pollutants which cause respiratory problems.

If you’re in the market to improve the indoor air quality of your home this spring be sure to contact an Indoor Air Quality expert to discuss your options. With a quick call to the BEL-O MAN and a chat with one of our experts you’ll soon be feeling the benefits of an air purifier in your home! (618) 235-6626 or visit our website here.

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