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Spa Day

Last week we covered the design trends for kitchens. This week we are switching gears and looking at bathroom remodel trends.The remodeling industry has seen a rise the past few months which is great to hear! 

Not to keep you waiting any longer, here are the 2013 bathroom designs trends. 

Color: The color of bathrooms has traditionally been very basic, and timeless. White, beige, and creams are longstanding popular choices for this room. Leave it to 2013 to throw a wrench in that. Color is in. Don’t go overboard now. A flamingo pink bathroom is not what I mean. Splashes of bright color such as yellow accent pieces or even art work are becoming much more trendy. 


Fixtures: Fixtures haven’t really changed alot over the course of time. Upgrades that are desirable now include very eco-friendly products. Dual flow toilets are a great example of this. If you have enough men in your house, urinals are becoming quite popular. This saves water, and adds a more custom feel to the space.  Modern style faucets have been making big waves this year as well. Showerheads have largely been upgraded to stainless steel rain style fixtures. (The more showerheads the better)


Ammenities: Bathtubs are getting more and more unique. The standard claw foot is still very classic, but doesn’t fit the 2013 style. the tubs are getting bigger, and becoming more of the focal point of the room. The more minimalist and clean the lines in your room are the better. Add some curves with a custom tub, and you have a showroom ready spa. Showers are now being stalled with glass doors, and tiled top to bottom. Unlike the early 2000’s, the combination bathtub and shower is out (if you have the space). 


The biggest change in bathrooms is simple. Make it into a spa. Make it functional, sexy, and very inviting. Large plants and lighting can create an oasis that you will never want to leave.  If you have an older claw foot, try painting the outside basin a vibrant, color to give some depth to it. 




What do you want in your bathroom? The spa like qualities are probably what will get my attention the quickest. It’s hard carrying this jet pack around all day. If you would like more information or to keep in touch, follow us here or on Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp.

If comfort is your plan, call the Beloman!

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