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HVAC humor highly recommended

Bel-O Sales & Service is stepping into the 21st century. We have always been a strong community brand, but we thought the world should have access to our wealth of knowledge. It would be selfish for us to just keep it within our boundaries.

Here is a short glimpse of our history and what we do:

Over 50 Years of Service

When Paul and Leo Lugge opened the doors in 1959 they had only four employees and a vision for their company, then called Belleville-O’Fallon Cooling and Heating. Today, because of a dedication to quality service, BEL-O Sales & Service is the market leader in the Madison, St. Clair, and Monroe county area.

They have made their mark through quality workmanship, honest pricing, and dedication to our community. Our customers don’t represent numbers, even though they all get work order numbers, they are what built this company. To them, we send thanks and gratitude.

With that in mind, our posts will remain relevant to today’s ever changing times with updates on products, services, and more importantly…..Jokes. We all love to laugh.

#1. Why did the AC compressor sweat?

Because it had to run all day



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